Special Scratch Game Dates:

Oct 16-17 - Dewey's Crazy Super Scratch
Nov 20 - Double Scratch
Dec 2, 4 & 5 - Scratch Game Cup Final 3 Games
Dec 11 & 12 - End of year Super Scratch

Regular Scratch Games

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday Scratch Games
1 PM Game Start, 12:15 Sign-up




Friday-Saturday, October 16-17

Picking Party @ 5:30PM October 15th

After Coach's game - with Pizza Served

1PM Shotgun – Both Days

Cost $100 - Pay in Pro Shop


Everyone entering gets a coupon for 1 free hour 

on the Golf Simulator at Dewey's

(Sounds like a good reason to plan an in-house 

Golf Simulator tournament at Dewey's)


Format for Super Scratch

4 Man Teams ONLY


Play your own ball

2 balls per hole - Par 4's

3 balls per hole - Par 3's & 5's


Four Man Scramble – Step Aside

Everyone hits a tee shot, the player whose tee shot is chosen, steps aside for the next shot. This method of play continues until the ball is on the green, then all players putt.


Picking Order:

The first 2 rounds are normal: down – down.

The Picking Order for the Third round will be set by lotto style draw.

The draw will be conducted by the proshop with a SG Committee member present.

This will be done as soon as the captains are set.


Cumulative Scoring

2 Super Skins on Final Totals - $40 per team - Pay in Pro Shop

Friday - Individual Skins - $10 per man - Pay in Pro Shop

Pare Mutual Betting Friday – 11:30a – 12:30p

The SG Committee